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Season Ticket Advance

You can apply for a season ticket advance to assist with travel costs such as rail or bus fares, car parking, toll bridge or tunnel costs or with the purchase of a bicycle for travel between home and place of work.

Who is it for?

All permanent civil servants who have completed at least two months’ service. 

What do I get?

You can receive up to a £10,000 tax-free advance, to pay for a rail/bus season ticket, bridge/tunnel tolls, or car parking. You may apply for up to 4 advances (for quarterly season tickets) or 1 advance (for an annual ticket) in one year. The advance must be repaid within twelve months of being paid, and you must have repaid any existing advances before another advance of the same type can be paid.

Next Steps

  • 1

    Before applying for a Season Ticket Advance, please ensure you are familiar with the Advances of Salary section of the Civilian-Pay-Details-and-Enquiries-Policy  (MODNet Only).

  • 2

    To apply, sign into MyHR, select MyHR MOD Employee Eforms, and then click "Season Ticket Advance." Click the link to enter a new claim, and select the correct category. You can then complete your application online. Once you have submitted the form, it will indicate the month in which the claim will be paid.

    If you do not have access to HRMS, you should complete HR_Form_1965 and submit to DBS Civilian Personnel.

  • 3

    You should submit your claim by the 10th day of the month in which the advance is required, at the latest.

  • 4

    The advance will be paid with your salary at the end of the month in which the claim was received, provided it is received by that month's cut-off date. The advance will then automatically be deducted from your salary in equal monthly payments.

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