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Thank You Scheme

The Thank You Scheme allows managers to identify and recognise individual instances of good performance.

Thank You Scheme

Who is it for?

All MOD civilian staff, including casual staff in broader banded grades and skill zones, and those retained grades who are covered by the MOD main pay agreement.


What do I get?

The Thank You Scheme aims to provide rewards for one-off achievements. It is based on performance and used when you have achieved over and above what is required. An award recognises a specific task or exercise, not just delivering against objectives.


This award is made as a gift in kind of a retail voucher of between £10 and £100. The Thank you scheme policy provides a full list of vouchers available.

Next Steps


Your line manager may recommend you individually, or your team for an award via HR Form 2382.


This form passes to the Authorising Officer who must be satisfied that the recommendation meets the criteria for the award. They will advise your line manager accordingly.


If the Authorising Officer approves the recommendation and the budget manager confirms there is sufficient funding available, the recommendation will be returned to the line manager or ePC holder for action.


Once the award has been purchased, you will receive it from your Line Manager.


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