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Special Leave

Special leave allows you to take time off work in addition to annual leave in the event of specific circumstances.

Who is it for?

All MOD Civilians

What do I get?

You cannot plan for everything in life and MOD recognises this by awarding special leave in both unplanned and planned circumstances. Special leave can be either paid or unpaid and limits vary.

There may be times where you wish to take an extended period of time away from work and Extended Special Unpaid Leave (Ex-SUL) enables you to do so. Ex-SUL allows you to take an unpaid period of absence from work of more than 3 months and up to 3 years. This can help you to fulfil caring responsibilities for children or elderly relatives, accompany your spouse or partner on a posting, study for a further qualification, travel or simply have a break from work.

Next Steps

  • 1

    Ensure you are familiar with the Special Leave Policy.

  • 2

    You must give as much notice as possible when requesting any type of special leave. Requests should be submitted to your Line Manager (or in their absence, your countersigning manager) who will review your request.

  • 3

    If your request is approved, you should ensure your Special Leave is recorded in MyHR.

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    This is a trial service — your feedback will help us to improve it.