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Campaign / Operational Medal

For all MOD Civilian employees who have been deployed to an operational theatre for which a campaign or operational medal has been authorised.

Campaign / Operational Medal

Who is it for?

Civilian staff.


What do I get?

Campaign / operational medals are instituted for certain campaigns where there has been a high degree of danger to life and limb and where the rigours of terrain, climate, etc. have been particularly arduous.


You will receive the medal relevant to your deployment.

Next Steps


If you were deployed to an operational theatre as part of the S20 scheme from 10/12/2007 onwards, your medal will be processed automatically by the DBS Civilian Personnel S20 team (unless you ask them not to).


If you were deployed as part of the S20 scheme prior to 10/12/2007 you can apply for the medal yourself using HR Form 114. Or you can ask the DBS Civilian Personnel S20 team to apply on your behalf.


If you were not deployed as part of the S20 scheme and you believe you are eligible for a Campaign/Operational Medal and that you fulfil all of the specified criteria, then you should complete HR Form 114.


You should provide as much detail as possible to support your application and must provide evidence from your Head of Division/Establishment/Team Leader that the service was actually undertaken.


If you have previously served in an operational theatre but did not apply for the relevant Campaign or Operational Medal at the time you may do so belatedly by completing HR Form 114.


For applications related to the S20 Scheme, once approved the MOD Medal Office will despatch medals to the DBS Civilian Personnel S20 Team who will forward your medal to your UK Line Manager with advice and guidance on making suitable arrangements for its presentation.


For belated applications or applications not related to the S20 scheme, your claim will be considered, and you will be notified if your application meets the criteria or if further evidence is required. If approved, the MOD Medal Office will despatch the medal directly to you at the address you specify on your application.


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