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Cycle to Work Scheme

Save up to 47% on the cost of a bicycle, accessories and safety equipment through salary sacrifice.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Who is it for?

All permanent civilian staff who have completed at least two months’ service.


What is it for?

The cycle to work scheme allows you as an employee to purchase a bike and accessories that can be used for your commute to and from work as well as for leisure and on holidays.


What do I get?

You can spend up to £4,000 on the hire of a manual or electric bicycle and/or accessories with savings between 32% and 47% through tax and national insurance deductions depending on which level rate tax payer you are.


The scheme is supplied by Cycle2Work, who offer access to over 1200+ retail locations throughout the UK including Halfords and online via with free home delivery.


With bikes to suit all budgets starting from only £4.42 per month the scheme is able to cater for everyone, whether you’re a cycle enthusiast or looking to start your cycling journey.


On top of the tax and NI savings made through the scheme, you will be able to take advantage of sale and promotional prices within Halfords  and Tredz, meaning you can make savings on top of savings.

Upon joining the scheme you will benefit from a suite of additional perks worth up to £150 which are as follows: -

  • Free 8-week insurance policy
  • Unlimited Lifetime Safety Checks on all cycles obtained through the scheme
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Halford brand cycles
  • 10% off all things cycling at Halfords for 12 months
  • Access to all instore sale and promotional prices at Halfords and Tredz


Please note that in addition to the MOD Cycle to Work scheme, the Defence Sports & Recreational Association runs a scheme to help MOD employees who cycle, run or walk to/from work with the cost of sports clothing and equipment. Details of how to apply for a £20 e-voucher can be found here.


Employees who joined the cycle to work scheme on or before 20 December 2020 can benefit from a time limited easement, meaning you do not need to make qualifying journeys to your place of work to qualify for tax exemption. This is because you could not have reasonably foreseen the changes to your working arrangements as a result of the coronavirus restrictions. HMRC have recently advised that employees joining the scheme from 21 December 2020 will not be eligible for tax exemption unless you are currently cycling to work and meeting the qualifying journeys condition.

How do I claim?


Please read the Cycle to Work Scheme Guidance.pdf carefully before applying.


To apply, you must first register to the mylifestlye hub via this link, and follow registration instructions. Please note that your payroll ID is your MOD staff number, this can found on HRMS or your Payslip.


If you have already registered then sign in via this link with your username and password.


Select mybenefits, then select Cycle 2 Work Scheme to apply.

What happens next?

Once submitted, your application will await approval from MOD. Please note that a manual check needs to be undertaken by DBS at this stage and it could take a number of working days to complete this. As soon as the approval has been given, your letter of collection will be automatically dispatched to you via email for you to then take into your chosen store, or redeem online to get your bike and/or safety accessories.


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