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Overseas Transfers

Support for when you are transferring to a role overseas

Overseas Transfers

Who is it for?

Civilian Staff who are transferring overseas.


What do I get?

If you are transferring overseas, you may be eligible for certain allowances. The extent and amount of allowances you are entitled to will depend on a range of factors, including the terms of your transfer, location, and your personal and domestic circumstances.


There are a number of allowances available to assist you and your family, both before, during and after the transfer has taken place.

Next Steps


If you are transferring overseas, ensure you are familiar with the Overseas Civilian Transfer Policy and the Change of Work Location Rates of Allowances.


Once you have accepted your job offer, you will receive a Relocation Overseas Questionnaire from DBS which will be used to determine your entitlements and allowances. The DBS Relocations Team will create your bespoke relocations information and send it to you by email.


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