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Civilian Pay

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Civilian Pay

Who is it for?

MOD Civil Servants


What do I get?

As a Civil Service Department, pay in the MOD is governed by the annual Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance published annually by HM Treasury. While abiding by this guidance, MOD tries to maintain competitive rates of pay for all our civilian staff.


Below you can find the minimum for each pay grade for civilian staff working in the core MOD from 1 April 2023. If you are working in a different MOD organisation or are working in a Non-Standard Occupational Grade (e.g. teachers, NHS etc), you can find information related to your pay on the Civilian HR People Portal.


Pay Grade

Grade Minimum

Grade 6


Grade 7












Skill Zone 4


Skill Zone 3


Skill Zone 2


Skill Zone 1


More Information


As an MOD employee, you can access your payslips online by using the Online Pay Statement.



If you have a query about your pay, you can contact the DBS Enquiry Centre who will be able to assist you.


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