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A range of allowances for civilian staff


Who is it for?

Civilian Staff, dependent on eligibility, Terms & Conditions, and work undertaken.


What do I get?

MOD offers a number of allowances to civilian staff, including (but not limited to):


  • Locational allowances (e.g. London Weighting)
  • Responsibility allowances (for taking on additional responsibility or supervisory duties)
  • Added hours allowances (e.g. On Call Allowance)


If you are eligible to receive an allowance, it will be paid with your salary.

Next Steps


Details of all allowances available for MOD employees can be found in the Pay Allowance Reference Table (MODNet only).


For more information, and for details of how to claim specific allowances, please see the Civilian Pay Details and Enquiries Policy (MODNet only).


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