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Study Leave

Take paid time off to study for your professional qualification

Study Leave

Who is it for?

Civilian Staff who are undertaking professional studies relevant to their job role.


What do I get?

If you are studying for a qualification that is related to the work of the Department, provides benefit to the Department, or is relevant to your job role, you may be granted Special Paid Leave to attend tutorials, complete assignments, or prepare for exams.


The maximum duration of paid study leave you are entitled to depends on the level of your studies as follows:

  • Degree and equivalent: 20 days
  • ‘A’ Level and equivalent: 10 days
  • Lower qualification level: 5 days


If you reach this maximum, you may be able to take further unpaid leave to help complete your studies.

Next Steps


You should familiarise yourself with the Special Leave Policy and Procedure before requesting your time off from your manager.


Once your request is approved, you should ensure your leave is recorded on MyHR.


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