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Eyesight Tests and Spectacles

Gain access to free eyesight tests and spectacles if you need them for working with Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Eyesight Tests and Spectacles

Who is it for?

All service and civilian personnel who use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) as part of their role.

What do I get?

Through the cross-government Corporate Eyecare Scheme (CES), civilian and military personnel are able to access DSE eyesight tests and spectacles at Specsavers, including the provision of prescription safety eyewear.

Each CES voucher covers the provision of:

  • A full DSE eye examination (not including any additional procedures); and,
  • If needed, solely and specifically for DSE use, a pair of spectacles from the £45 range of Specsavers frames, fitted with standard single vision lenses plus a scratch-resistant treatment at no further cost; or £45 towards an upgrade to frame ranges costing up to £99 with a further £20 discount (totalling £65) on frames costing no more than £99.

If you are unable to access a CES outlet (for example, if you are based overseas), you may use the direct reimbursement process to cover:

  • the full cost of a basic DSE eyesight test fee; and
  • the full receipted cost of spectacles up to a maximum contribution of £45 for frames and single vision lenses; or
  • the full receipted cost of spectacles up to a maximum contribution of £80 for frames and multifocal lenses (when supported by an appropriate business case).

The MOD will not pay for:

  • spectacles for sight defects which are worn to correct vision other than or in addition to the DSE 50-60cm focal range;
  • additional procedures (e.g. optomap, full field examination, tear assessment);
  • the cost of tinted lenses or special coatings;
  • designer frames;
  • upgrade from bifocal to varifocal;
  • any fee raised by an optician for completing a MOD Form 1003.


Next Steps


Contact your local Budget Manager to obtain your Corporate Eyecare Scheme voucher or to gain approval to use the direct reimbursement process prior to arranging your eye test.


If you have no access to an approved Corporate Eyecare Scheme outlet and have approval from your Budget Manager, complete MOD Form 1003 and MOD Form 1108 and submit both to your Budget Manager to be reimbursed.


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