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Holiday Advance Loan

As a MOD staff member, you can request a Holiday Advance from your salary.

Holiday Advance Loan

Who is it for?

All MOD full time and part time staff except the following: Irregularly Paid Employees, Casual Employees, Employees on nil or half pay and staff leaving MOD in their penultimate month of termination.


What is it for?

This service allows you to request a salary advance, which will be paid with your normal salary in the month you requested. It will then be recovered in full from your following month’s salary. If you are eligible for the holiday advance, you can request up to two advances per year. This will help you to meet the upfront costs of your holiday.


What do I get?

Holiday advances are a set amount.

If you are a full time staff you can claim £500.

If you are a part time staff (regardless of hours worked) you can claim £250.


How do I claim?


Submit the completed form to DBS by the TENTH day of the month in which the payment is required via Digital Workplace or post to

Defence Business Services

Scanning Hub

PO Box 38

Cheadle Hulme

SK8 7NU.

What happens next?

Once your form has been received, the pay system will automatically calculate the advance that you are due based upon your entitlement, and will pay it with your salary at the end of the month in which the payment is required. For example for Christmas advances, submission must be made by November 10th and payment will be made at the end of November.

The full recovery of the advance will be made from your salary the following month.

For further information, please view Policy, Rules and Guidance: Advances of Salary and Advances of Salary- Frequently Asked Questions.



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