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Death in Service Benefit

Our pension provider, Civil Service Pensions, will provide benefits to loved ones in the event of an employee's death in service.

Death in Service Benefit

Who is it for?

All civil servants enrolled in a pension scheme.


What is it for?

This benefit ensures that financial support is available for your loved ones in the event of a staff members death in service.


What do I get?

In the event of a member’s death, the following benefits may be payable:

  • a widow’s or widower’s pension
  • a civil partner’s pension
  • a partner’s pension
  • a child’s pension
  • a death benefit lump sum
  • a widow’s/widower’s Pension Scheme (WPS) refund


This gives members peace of mind in the knowledge that their loved ones can be taken care of if something were to happen to them.


How do I claim?

Death in Service benefits are administered by the Civil Service Pensions Provider, MyCSP, not by MOD.

It is important to notify Civil Service Pensions of a member’s death as soon as possible, by completing the relevant death benefit claim form and returning it with an original death certificate and original versions of any other supporting documents required.


The relevant death benefit claim form can be found on the Member Forms page of the Civil Service Pensions website.


If the deceased member was receiving a pension, Civil Service Pensions will need to be informed to prevent them from making any overpayments. To contact them, call 0300 123 6666 (or +44 1903 835 902 if you are calling from abroad) or email

What happes next?

Civil Service Pensions will be able to provide advice about any benefits that can be claimed, and will take the appropriate actions following the death of a member.

Please also see Death in Service- Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


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