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Charities, Organisations and Veterans Agencies

Support a charity that has been officially sanctioned and supported by MOD or find a local charity of your choice.

Charities, Organisations and Veterans Agencies

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Officially Supported MOD Charities

There are many charities operating across MOD, some of which are officially sanctioned and supported. For more information on the charities that MOD officially supports refer to Charities.


Supporting Local Charities

Local charity committees exist at many sites throughout the MOD, raising funds for locally nominated organisations.  If you would like to find out if there is a local charity committee operating in your area, you should refer back to your local intranet for details.

Alternatively you could search the register of charities available through the following:

 The Charity Commission - The Regulator for Charities in England and Wales

The Office of The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)


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