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Charities Payroll Giving

If you have a charity or organisation that’s close to your heart, you can make sure they receive the whole sum of any donations you make. This includes the amount that would ordinarily be deducted for tax.

Charities Payroll Giving

Who is it for?

All civil servants.


What do I get?

This scheme allows you to maximise the difference you make, by ensuring that the tax deduction which would normally go to HM Treasury goes to your chosen charity instead. This is called Payroll Giving and takes the donation straight from your salary before tax is deducted.  Payroll Giving means that you do not need to use Gift Aid or make any entry on your tax returns.


How do I claim?


Before using this service, familiarise yourself with DIN 2007DIN02-229: The Charities Payroll Giving Scheme.




Download and complete this Donation Choice Form.


Return it by post to:


Charitable Giving

Union Mine Road



PL19 0PW

What happens next?

Once your form has been processed, Defence Business Services will activate your benefit and you will be notified by Email.

Further advice on the policy is available from HRD HROps on 0207 218 7834. Alternatively contact Charitable Giving direct on 01822 611 180.



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