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Discounted Gym and Leisure

Receive up to 25% discount on gym and leisure through MyGymDiscounts.

Discounted Gym and Leisure

Who is it for?

MyGymDiscounts is available via the mylifestyle hub, which is current available to civilian staff working in:


  • MOD Main
  • DE&S
  • SDA
  • Dstl


What do I get?

MyGymDiscounts provides access to discounts of up to 25% across more than 3700 gym and leisure providers across the UK. Discounts are for you, your partner and both new and existing gym goers.


Participating facilities include the UKs main gym chains, budget gyms, leisure centres, independent clubs and studios. There are also some online fitness options for those who prefer to do their workouts at home. 

Next Steps


MyGymDiscounts is available via the mylifestyle hub. To register for mylifestyle, visit the relevant link below and follow the registration instructions.



Please note that your payroll ID is your MOD staff number (e.g. 123456A). If you are new to MOD, it can take up to 8 weeks for your details to be recognised by the hub.


If you have already registered then sign in to mylifestyle with your username and password.


Once you have logged in to mylifestyle, select "mywellbeing" at the top of the screen, then select "MyGymDiscounts" on the left-hand side. Click "Access MyGymDiscounts" in order to search for a facility near you and access the discount vouchers.


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